It’s a log story…

Baccarat is an elegant and prestigious game that has built itself a reputation all around the world and even on the silver screen, baccarat is not the type game you will find mingled together with other games on a casino floor, you will find it neatly tucked away behind the scenes separate from the rest of the casino games.

So does baccarat originate from?

History of Baccarat | Voicesofthevictims.orgWell no one really knows who invented baccarat and where its true origins are. the biggest difference between baccarat and other casino games is that baccarat was able to maintain it grandeur and image even as it spread across the globe up to day, and it still is a very popular game in Europe and China it has however enjoyed moderate popularity in the united states mainly due to its short tenure in American casinos and because its such an exclusive for people.

Although its origins are unknown two countries Italy and France share the credit of having invented it, alas there is a lot of debate over which of the two but most people believe that it originated in Italy and its origins in Italy can traced as far back as the 1400s. the game has had a few changes as it traveled across the world and today you find two versions, the American and the European the most significant difference between the two being who banks the game, in America it s the casino that bankrolls the game and in Europe e the players bank roll the game whilst the house takes the advantage.

The name baccarat comes from the Italian word baccara which means zero Felix falguierein is a legend in baccarat circles as he is credited as being the first baccarat player. in France were baccarat is also assumed to have originated from it is called Chemin De Fer , Chemmy , or shimmy ,it was played by French nobility back in the 1500s . During the ninetieth century baccarat took a long voyage across the seas to Argentina and Cuba in the 1950s were it underwent some rule changes to what is now known as American baccarat. Francis “tommy”Renzoni is the man who brought baccarat to Las Vegas in 1958 were it under went more changes then there was mini-baccarat which is still a common game in Las today, since then it has spread to other cities across America such as Atlantic city.

Here is a material from Wiki about Baccarat and you can read more about it history here.

It was only a matter of time before baccarat made the transition to internet and today many online casinos have baccarat as part of there games , and it is now gaining popularity because of it has lost it exclusiveness and is more readily available.