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Success at Baccarat | Voicesofthevictims.orgPlaying baccarat does not require some special skills and success at baccarat is purely a matter of chance, this means that every body has equal chance of winning. There are however strategies that baccarat enthusiast and players can use to increase their chances of beating the house and winning.

Some of the strategies that baccarat players can use include the 1 3 2 6 baccarat system , card counting , and riding the streak ,money management systems etc, however all baccarat systems offer you a certain degree of success , this means that no matter how good the system is it will not allow you to beat the house consistently . There are many tips and tricks that you could use to reduce the house advantage and increase their chances of winning, here are some of those strategies.

1 betting on a tie: the first tip is to never bet on a tie, because your chances of winning are very low because the house edge on a tie is 14%-15%.

2 bet on the banker : it is important to always bank on the banker because this gives the lowest house edge , you have to take into consideration that the house pays an even amount of money on both the banker and the players winning hands ,and if you win on the bankers hand you will have to pay a commission to the house , the good thing is that even after paying the commission to the house you have an advantage considering that you will only be paying a 4% commission instead of 5%.

3 choosing the right table: you have to choose a table that uses six decks instead of eight decks because this increases your edge over the house. The edge is very slight but in the end you will need every little bit of it.

4 casino commission: if you are going to employ the strategy were you bet on the banker you will have to pay commission to the house, so it is important to find a casino that charges 4% commission on winning banker bets.

Also you can read this article How to Win Baccarat, here is more wider step-by-step description about rules in baccarat.

The best way to make all this work is to combine as many of the strategies above in order to get best results , for example if you combine the second strategy were bet on the banker and the casino commission strategy were you only have to pay 4% commission then you will get the best result.