Basic rules for craps

Some people get the impression that the game of craps is too complex for casual gamers – but what they fail to realise is that with just a tiny number of craps bets, and the avoidance of all the flashy bets, online craps becomes a joy to play – in addition to having seriously low house edge levels. So – learn the basic craps bets in an instant, and get gaming with a real chance of regular success….

Pass line craps betting

House edge: 1.41%

Ease: 9/10

The Pass Line craps wager is the game’s classic bet, and essentially all you need to know is what happens when you roll the dice at the beginning of the round (having selected the ‘Pass the Line’ betting option on the craps table. Note – Pass Line bets can also be made after a point is formed, but this has worse odds so ignore it!

Learn The Basic Online Craps Bets |

  • Place your Pass Line bet on the craps interface
  • Rolling 7 or 11 is a win
  • Rolling 2, 3 or 12 is a loss (or ‘crap’)
  • Rolling 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 creates a point; re-roll and hit the point before 7 to win

Don’t Pass Line craps betting

House edge: 1.36%

Ease: 9/10

If you’ve grasped the concept of the Pass Line bet – then the Don’t Pass Line wager will be a total breeze – because it’s fundamentally just the revere of the Pass Line!

  • Win on rolls of 2 and 3
  • Lose on rolls of 7 or 11
  • Roll 12 to draw
  • Roll any other score to form the point and roll-out to hit the point before the craps 7

Come Bet and Don’t Come Bets

House edge (Come bet) 1.41%

House edge (Don’t come bet) 1.36%

Ease: 9/10

The other basic craps betting options to add to your gaming are the Come and Don’t Come wagers. Fundamentally, the Come bet is the same as the Pass Line wager (see told you craps was easy!) – except for the fact that the Come bet is placed after a point is made; the proceeding roll then becomes like the come out roll on the Pass Line. As you can guess – the Don’t Come bet is simply the Come bet in reverse.

Taking double craps odds

House edge:

  • Come bet and double odds 0.61%
  • Don’t come bet double odds 0.46%
  • Pass Line double Odds 0.68%
  • Don’t Pass Line double Odds 0.46%
  • Ease: 9/10

Before you rush off to the craps table, there’s one more thing to most definitely add to your repertoire – and that’s the concept of ‘taking the odds’. Essentially, after a point is established, you’re permitted to add another odds bet behind the line. Most web casinos offer double the odds bets, while big offline casinos are sometimes offer up to a huge x100 odds bet (very risky but seriously rewarding). The beauty of taking the odds is that is lowers the house edge to very low levels, and pays out at true odds.