One of the oldest games

Craps is the archetypal Vegas casino games – full of tension, excitement, risk, luck, skill and potentially awesome rewards. However, craps also contains a very wide range of bets, making it complex and off-putting for the average gamer – both on and off line. However, by chilling-out and learning the game at a sensible pace – rewards you with one of the most interesting and enjoyable gaming options – not to mention one that your can win big with!Craps The King Of Vegas Games |

Craps tip 1 – start playing!

Sometimes you can read books for hours, talk to professional gamers and still not quite grasp some casino concepts! Craps can be a good example of this, and many craps gamers are consequently largely self-taught. The take home message is that one of the most beneficial ways to learn craps is to simply start playing the game. If you play with a simple craps guide along side, you’ll quickly start getting up to speed and really having fun. In the past, learning craps had the barrier of face to face interaction with other gamers and the casino staff, but the concept of online craps gives gamers some serious advantages; you can game at your own speed, play for free, make mistakes and never feel intimidated. The Internet has truly opened-up craps gaming to the masses!

Craps tip 2 – experiment

Online craps players have another huge advantage over offline gamers – the chance to try out different bets and strategies with zero or very low risk. In essence, the game of craps has a vast range of betting options, some of which have a low edge, while others deliver high rewards but a bigger casino advantage. Free-play craps bonuses and free chip options allow gamers to try absolutely every craps bet, strategy and system to see what works – before risking real cash or big stakes.

Craps tip 3 – just click

Another difference between playing craps on the internet and in the ‘real world’ is the concepts of craps rolling. Naturally, in land based casino, physical rolling is necessary to play the game; ‘shooting’ with proficiency takes rhythmic skill or ‘setting’, which can be a problem for novice and recreation casino players. However, on the web, the dice roll is controlled by randomised computer software, meaning all you need to do to play is press roll!

Craps tip 4 – create a low casino edge

While online craps enables you to experiment with zero risk – there are some proven methods of playing the game with a low casino advantage (meaning you’re likely to win more frequently and minimise your losses). For instance, the Pass Line bet has a naturally low edge of around 1.41% – but this can be reduced to as little as 0.6% when you place an Odds Wager after the point is formed.

Ultimately, craps is a casino gem that is more than worth learning. However, you will have to invest a little time and patience to really get up to speed and access high speed strategic craps fun. What’s for sure is that your time will be rewarded with casino magic.